Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What is ---X Mas is All About ?

What  is -----X Mas is all about?
Does this  X stand  as Unknown  Thing  to  you? How  many  years  have come  and  gone ....still not  sure what is  this about? In the dark  night a star appeared  in the  eastern  sky. Looking  at the star,it dawned to  three seekers, they  were guided to the  Child that  is born a SAVIOUR. HIS name  shall be  called JESUS, HE shall save HIS  people from  their sin.

This is  CHRISTMAS. That  God offered  this  Unique  GIFT to  all who  would  accept. If one  miss  this  FREE ,one  would  repent and regret  for  ever .  With  this free  gift  one would  also receive, joy unspeakable  and peace that  passeth all understanding ! Come  all Who Would.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I recently came cross an article that a. Retd.  Soldier 89 yrs old advertise for a job under caption " save me from dying of boredom".What a Lesson for the Present Day who stand at street corners smoking idleing away the time.They do not want to learn, help parents,family and the country.
For what purpose are we here? What difrance between Humans and Animals? Animals can not think.May the present Day Youth begin to Think and Be Wise .A LESSON from This old Soldier!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Time for me is very Expensive Stuff

I have put away my other activities to sit write this few lines.Since My last post I traveled  a lot,  by Bus,train,and by Air.
Now today I had determined to a posting for I fear my blogging may become inactive and may not have an account.
We are coming  soon to the end of another year.US is very busy to elect a New President.Mid-East is in Chaos .Kashmiris  are fighting for their Freedom.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

STAR of Bethlehem======The BRIGHT and MORNING STAR

Scripture has more 120 MESSIANIC  names and metaphors.Are  you aware of all? Let this Xmas pass by without this Specific one The BRIGHT and MORNING STAR rise in your heart (Rev 22:16)
Many a wise men have sought and found that true.There is Apostasy in the west.Many are falling away from TRUE faith.Be warned even The Very Elect could be deceived.Watch & Pray to escape all these deceptions.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

we are heading -------Fast towards the LAST DAYS

I am not much of a Bible Teacher but more of a BIBLE student.From the knowledge ,I acquired of the BOOK ,with the news of the News Papers,the time is very short.The sin against GOD is increasing day by day,as in the days of Sodom & Gomorrah.Abraham pleaded with God to spare for few dwellers there in the wicked cities.God did send two angels to flea away from the wicked. 
               My friend who read this be warned of the judgment that is coming on this Earth.God has made THE way of Escape.JESUS is THE SAVIOR

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

had been away from blogosphere

My life in many Spheres some times I loose my ways.God be praised for the active life better to wear out instead of rusted and wasted.I want to make a general observation having lived long time on this earth this there is no real "peace" on this earth.There is going to be a WAR as never had been ever before.The Escape from the coming Judgement in SAVIOR JESUS.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Soon Again Very Merry CHRISTmas Be that more REAL

The day 16th Dec is an event-full day in the history of Pakistan.This year too on the 16th of Dec another tragedy struck in the city of Peshawar.The terrorists entered into an Army Public School,while the school was in session and targeted the students and staff.At the end 130 students were killed about 10 staff killed.Many were seriously injured.The nation were shocked and the world wondered what had taken place.The politician earlier had drawn a line between good Taliban and bad Taliban now begin to say all are Terrorists.
The innocents children are not spared.The worst had happened in the northern Nigeria at the hands of BokoHaram  for the last few years in schools and Boarding houses.The young girls taken away and sold them as brides.
This Spring another movement sprung out as ISIS in Syria and Iraq,where Christians have lived from the Apostolic days and built Churches.They have to flee their homes.The Churches are plundered and turned into tortures cells by the ISIS .The infants and children are beheaded because they confess"we love JESUS"and would not deny.This reminds us of the original CHRISTmas when JESUS was born,he wanted to get rid of JESUS,he wanted to make to sure and started with the age twelve-no room for marginal errors.The enemy cannot out-smart GOD plan of Salvation.GOD Real Children cannot be killed!They live for-ever.AMEN