Thursday, December 20, 2018


Merrium-Webster Dictionary has chosen the word "justice" as the word of the Year 2018.People all over are facing injustices .Truth is turned into lie and vice versa.I think it was Joseph Geobbel ,Hitler Propaganda Minister,who said"If you tell a lie once it will remain a lie for ever:but if you repeat a lie big enough and repeat it often enough that eventually people it as "truth".
Justice can only be dispensed if the real truth is known.But in this era Multi-media propaganda of Leftists & other Idealogy .the lies are apparently turns true,to the extent of denying the historical Jesus.For Christians all over the world rejoce over the Jesus was born about 2000 years ago and will return as a Judge & King to judge and Reward all Believers.Let this Christmas ,the Babe in Bethlehem be born into each, who celebrate X'Mas as  The Saviour JESUS

Thursday, May 17, 2018


THE HEART ----house of Deceits or seat of Integrity
We are exposed to all kinds of Information ,Dis-information,Mis-information Etc Etc thru the Multi-media,non-stop 24/7.At the end of the day what is being retained in ones heart ?What is going to be housed in my heart? Proverbs says"as a man thinketh,so is he"26:7.For  every thing there is an end.Where will I end?I can not live as I please.There is Divine Code -  The Scriptures -The Holy Bible..Before its late:Act Now

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Prof Stephen Hawking------witherbound

  • The Greatest ------------Ever Lived is Prof Stephen Hawkins or Is It ------------?Prof Stephen Hawkins was,though Wheel-Chair Bound most of his life has Achieved Many things during his time.To his credit he has formulated many theories by his Mind though he was physically handicapped.He had ventured into the frontiers of time and space of The Origins of  Creations  but missed the Real Truth.What worth this Life? Besides the physical senses The Creator has endowed each of us a measure of "faith" by we understand God created this vast Universe,and Beyond this all there The Eternity.There is Another Life! 

    Friday, September 22, 2017

    Rumours MORE Rumours

    Rumours In Abundance There are numerous rumours on the Air.In this Age of Information Technology the rumours spread out like wild fire.There are no short age prophets of DOOM any time in this world.Latest one is some had said the DOOMs DAY as September 23rd 0f 2017.No one need to panicked and flee to distant desert for safety. To Stand agaist the Rumours IS to Arm Yourself With TRUTH.JESUS has said "My sheep hear My Voice and I know them and I know them,and they follow ME and I give them Eternal life and they shall never perish,neither shall Any man pluck them out of MY Hand.MY FATHER,WHICH gave them ME are greater than all.......John 10:27-30. So PEACE be upon all believers.....

    Wednesday, May 17, 2017

    SURE GUIDE in the Post Truth Era

    The HOLY WORD has once Again proved Right
    The Prophet Isaiah has said 2700 years   ""they will call evil, good and good ,evil,also put for Light ,Darkness.TRUTH  will be turned into False-hood.
                    We are living in the dangerous times.TRUTH will be evil spoken.But our sure Guide Be the THE INERRANT WORD.

    Tuesday, December 27, 2016

    What is ---X Mas is All About ?

    What  is -----X Mas is all about?
    Does this  X stand  as Unknown  Thing  to  you? How  many  years  have come  and  gone ....still not  sure what is  this about? In the dark  night a star appeared  in the  eastern  sky. Looking  at the star,it dawned to  three seekers, they  were guided to the  Child that  is born a SAVIOUR. HIS name  shall be  called JESUS, HE shall save HIS  people from  their sin.

    This is  CHRISTMAS. That  God offered  this  Unique  GIFT to  all who  would  accept. If one  miss  this  FREE ,one  would  repent and regret  for  ever .  With  this free  gift  one would  also receive, joy unspeakable  and peace that  passeth all understanding ! Come  all Who Would.